Ms. Amely MORAS from the USA is among the newly appointed chairs and is not only the first female to lead the Referee Committee but at 35 year’s old is the youngest of the Committee and Commission chairs. Ms MORAS previously served as vice-chair of the Committee and has extensive refereeing experience including at the recent Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The Committees comprise 34 percent women representation, as part of World Taekwondo’s drive towards achieving gender parity in the Committees within this decade. Furthermore, one Commission and four influential Committees are chaired by women – Member Relations and Development Commission, Referee Committee, Juridical Committee, Para Taekwondo Classification Committee, and Taekwondo for All Committee.

The Chairs will play an important role in ensuring that the Committees and Commissions continue to identify ways to improve World Taekwondo and deliver the very best sport for its athletes and all stakeholders.

The list of Chairs can be found below (in alphabetical order of the Commissions first then Committees):

  • Chair of the Member Relations and Development Commission
  • – Ms. Maria Rosario BORELLO CASTILLO from Guatemala (newly appointed)
    • Ms. BORELLO CASTILLO serves as a World Taekwondo Vice President
  • Chair of the Technical Commission
  • – Mr. Songchul KIM from Canada (newly appointed)
    • Mr. KIM was former Chair of the World Taekwondo Referee Committee
  • Chair of the Athletes Committee
  • – To be elected
    • New members will be elected during the World Taekwondo Championships,
      after which the co-chairs will be elected amongst the members 
  • Chair of the Development Committee
  • – Ms. Maria Rosario BORELLO CASTILLO (newly appointed)
  • Chair of the Education Committee
  • – Mr. Hassane SADOK from France (newly appointed)
    • Mr. SADOK is President of the French Taekwondo Federation and President at the University of Littoral, France
  • Chair of the Finance Committee
  • – Mr. Pimol SRIVIKORN from Thailand (re-appointed)
    • Mr. SRIVIKORN is World Taekwondo Treasurer
  • Chair of the Games Committee
  • – Mr. Mohamed SHAABAN from Egypt (re-appointed)
    • Mr. SHAABAN serves on the World Taekwondo Council
  • Chair of the Integrity & Ethics Committee
  • – Dr. Jean-Marie AYER from Switzerland (newly appointed)
    • Dr. AYER is a World Taekwondo Council member and former Secretary General
  • Chair of the Juridical Committee
  • – Ms. Lorenza MEL from Italy (re-appointed)
  • Chair of the Medical & Anti-Doping Committee
  • – Dr. Dae Hyoun JEONG from Korea (re-appointed)
  • Chair of the Para Taekwondo Committee
  • – Mr. Chakir CHELBAT from Sweden (re-appointed)
  • Chair of the Para Taekwondo Classification Committee
  • – Dr. Hadwah MOAWAD from Saudi Arabia (newly appointed)
  • Chair of the Poomsae Committee
  • – Prof. Jungheon KIM from Korea (re-appointed)
  • Chair of the Referee Committee
  • – Ms. Amely MORAS from USA (newly appointed)
    • Ms. MORAS is the first female referee chair in World Taekwondo’s history
  • Chair of the Sustainability Committee
  • – To be appointed
  • Chair of the Coaches Committee
  • – To be appointed
  • Chair of the Taekwondo For All Committee
  • – Dr. Hadwah MOAWAD (newly appointed)