Last night, WTPA acting president, Helder Navarro, informed the national federations that he will restart the WTPA electoral process, because he had to yield to the guidelines of the World Taekwondo; not because he wants, but because he is forced to.


“I received a communication from WT General Secretary Mr. Hoss Rafaty for WTPA to follow the guidelines that the WT has established on the new elections, in accordance with the reform of the statutes that recently had been amended and that in WT Article 9.4 establishes that the CU must adhere to the parameters that the higher entity has established on the elections” says Navarro in the statements issued this Wednesday night.

In this way, the controversial WTPA acting president  had to give in  against the WT presión,  after trying to carry out the October elections according to the WPTA electoral statutes  and not with those of WT, as accepted by the rest of the continentals.

A few days ago MASTKD exclusively reported that WT warned Navarro to follow the guidelines approved by the WT Executive Council and informed him that he had to fix the call for the recently opened process to be valid, otherwise it would be without effect.

Navarro opened the electoral process by informing the requirements to run for electoral positions for the next four-year term in the WTPA, which were different from those of the WT electoral statute.

Navarro´s decisión to call for elections  contravened article 9.4 of the WT electoral guidelines. WT’s first warning to Navarro, the Secretary General, Hoss Raffaty; he asked him to acknowledge receipt and confirm that he fully understood the order.

“For the same reason, the electoral process of WTPA WILL BE RESTARTED, in accordance with the instructions and deadlines of the WT and an Election Committee will be appointed following said guidelines. We believe that the foregoing will benefit the electoral process, providing guarantees, transparency, and democratic opportunities to all candidates for positions within the organization” continues WTPA acting president statement.

The document issued on Wednesday night also reveals, without determining the deadline, that a WTPA Elections Committee will be formed and announced that it will be audited by a WT member. The WT elections, as well as the continental elections, will be held  in October, just before the World Championship in Wuxi, in China.