Although the WTPA acting president , Helder Navarro, has not yet notified the presidents of the area  about the WT decision to take over the WTPA, today the WT stepped up and revealed the most important findings gathered in recent months.

To understand when the WT began its work on the WTPA, one must go back to March when WT formed an Ad Hoc commission to regulate its situation.

That is like when a father approaches a son to accompany him and get him back to the right way. However, a series of findings forced the father (WT) to have to take over the son’s house (WTPA) to guarantee the transparent and ethical actions of the institution.

Helder Navarro - WTPA
El presidente interino de WTPA, Helder Navarro, realiza un rompimiento en una actividad de GCS en Portland, Estados Unidos. Foto: Esteban Mora/MASTKD.

On Thursday, June 17, during the WT Executive Council meeting, the decision was made with 21 votes in favor and one abstention, that the WTPA be taken over.

Although the decision was made with determination, in a press release, the WT said that the reasons would be informed later.  That moment has arrived.

Here are the 5 main findings – literally transcribed from the original letter – that forced WT to take over the WTPA chaired by Helder Navarro.

  1. For a period of years WTPA had been operated as a closely-held private company.  In fact, WTPA was registered as a private company in the U.S. twice – firstly during the tenure of Mr. Choi and another time after his resignation.
  2. That assets had been transferred between various legal entities each purported to be and/or operate as WTPA without appropriate (if any) consultation and approval of WTPA executive committee or general assembly.
  3. Large monetary transactions appear undocumented and remain questionable.
  4. Attempts to clarify WTPTA’s financial status faced obstruction.
  5. The mismanagement of WTPA could not solely be attributed to Mr. Choi and additional safeguards and procedures were needed.

What does a take-over mean?

The WT take-over means that Navarro loses the power granted to him as WTPA acting president. He is still president, for now, but that’s just the name of the position.

From now on, the WTPA management will be in charge of the the commission led by the WT Council member, Peruvian NOC member and IOC member, Mr. Iván Dibós.

Dibós will be accompanied by Sharon Jewell, a member of the WT Integrity Committee; and WT Secretary General Hoss Rafaty. In addition, Yanina Remón will support the ‘Interim Administrative Committee’.

Just after the Commission takes over, all WTPA commissions and positions are banned.  This is stated in the WT statutes and is what can be read between the lines in the letter sent to the national federations. “The Interim Management Committee will work with WTPA MNAs while conferring with the WTPA Council and oversee the passage of new WTPA Statutes in time for WTPA and WT elections at the WTPA General Assembly, based on the standards required of all WT Continental Unions. The Committee will also ensure smooth transition of management powers to the new WTPA leadership after the elections”, says the WT official statement.