From 7 – 9 May 2021, European athletes are fighting for their Olympic ticket. In Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, the host country has done an amazing job in organizing this important event. More than 200 athletes have gathered there and have one chance left to make their Olympic dreams a reality. Jannis Mouroutsos, sport director of Taekwondo Europe said the following: ‘the Bulgarian federation did an amazing job in organizing this important event. The stakes are high for the athletes and you can feel the excitement and stress in the air. Only the top 2 athletes qualify for the olympics’.


“This is the last important event before the Olympic Games start. The next 3 days will be very exciting for all athletes and officials. The best referees from all over the world have been gathered in Sofia to officiate at this important event. The officials of Taekwondo Europe together with the officials of WT and the OC are determined to deliver and excellent competition”. Stated Schunken.

Last chance for Europeans to qualify for Tokyo 2021 Olympics

“Taekwondo Europe is very proud to work together with its partner MASTKD in order to broadcast all matches live on the internet. Together with Jon Garcia from UP TKD this live broadcast is being implemented and people from all over the world will have the opportunity to be part of these qualifications. Join the live stream to stay up to date with all developments and be the first one to know which European athletes qualify for the Olympics!” conclude General Director of the World Taekwondo Europe to MASTKD.