Interim Management Committee revealed information to all MNA’s about the attempt to stop the elections planned for this weekend by Mr. Rick Shin.


In the letter states that at the court in Texas Shin claimed he should not be excluded from PATU elections since mismanagement was the responsibility of the PATU president (Ji Ho Choi and Helder Navarro) treasurer (George Hristescu) and Auditor (Raúl Pinzón), and that he had a right to be a candidate for the new PATU organization.

Letter says that legal team of IMC clarified to the court about structure of PATU and World Taekwondo, and reasons why Rick Shin was suspended. After the arguments, court denied Shin’s request.

At the end of the letter, IMC expressed their concern about “anonymous” entities, who are using emails and websites using the name of World Taekwondo and any related organizations to gather information. IMC clarified that these entities are not related to any of WT organizations or membership, and they encourage to all members to contact WT directly in case of been approached by those suspicious organizations.