With more than 80 participants from around the continent, the Pan American Taekwondo Union led by Juan Manuel Lopez held an informative meeting for all MNA’s technical managers.

Looking to maintain close communication at all levels within Taekwondo family, and as it is already a tradition in this PATU administration, the technical meeting was held this November 29 where important topics for the near future of continental and world Taekwondo were discussed.

“2024 is a year of great transcendence and in PATU as always we are committed to the development of the entire Panamerican family to be integral. In this administration no one is left out and we will always provide all possible opportunities for their growth,” emphasized President Juan Manuel Lopez empathetically.

In this meeting the events to be held next January were announced, being them, the certification course for new WT Poomsae referees -17 to 21 January-, which thanks to a hard work of PATU, it was achieved that, for countries with less than 10 active referees, those who are 2nd Dan Kukkiwon can opt for the certification course. This is to provide a better opportunity for Latin American countries.

Thinking about national and Pan American referees and coaches of the discipline, on January 17 and 18, they will be able to participate in a joint practice with international referee applicants, and thus standardize teaching and qualification criteria.

Subsequently, the Pan American Poomase Congress will be held from January 25 to 27, in charge of Master Raymond Hsu, which is focused on Poomsae coaches and athletes.

The kyorugi, will have Pan American activity in the Pan American refereeing congress from January 25 to 27, where Team and Diamond modalities will be discussed. In addition, for athletes and coaches, kyorugi will have a seminar in charge of Emmanuel Mateo -DOM-, Carla Bacco -CAN- and Arlén González -CUB-, also from January 25 to 27.

This great convention of the region will conclude with PATU’s gala dinner on January 28.

Finally, the PATU president announced the competition calendar for the first semester of 2024, where G-1 category events stand out, as well as G-2 in Canada, the United States, President’s Cup in Costa Rica, and Argentina. In addition, there will be the G-4 Senior Pan American Championships, which will provide many points to position all athletes in search of the ranking in the Olympic Games and a better position for those who manage to be part of these important competitions.

“We have a first semester with many events for our teams to position themselves in the best way, and a second semester where we will continue sowing in all age divisions and modalities, already thinking about the next Olympic cycle and place PATU at the top,” confirmed Juan Manuel Lopez, president of PATU.

During the meeting an important point was mentioned, WT and PATU work hand in hand to end possible blockades that some MNAs might exert to block the participation of the Panamerican family in the events that are carried out both by WT and PATU itself.