Engineer by profession, Grand Master Jay K. Shin, had his heart always on Taekwondo, and his passion was always to share his knowledge, and give the chance to people to have Taekwondo as their way of life.

GM Jay K. Shin introduced Taekwondo on Hong Kong University, and also at two countries that hadn’t have Taekwondo entirely Nepal and Bhutan. He made history at those countries helping less privileged people and winning several historical medals for them. Meanwhile, his son Rick W. Shin, grew up with this perspective, and learn from his father that through Taekwondo, is possible to change lives.

At 1988 they moved to the US, and focused on develop Taekwondo where they were, started to think at one thing only, to united Pan American Region through Taekwondo. As Korea has Taekwondowon, GM Jay K. Shin has always dreamed with a facility like that and standardize the way to teach Taekwondo in the region, so through that, give more opportunities to get results, improve their knowledge and to have better citizens through this way of life.

The legacy of GM Jay K. Shin, which is now with Rick W. Shin continues and have not changed its main goal.