It was recently news that a Kyorugi event was held in Korea, in fact, the first national competition since the pandemic started, and MASTKD talked in exclusive with the Organizing Committee (OC) to get more details about the first face-to-face competition worldwide.

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While the planet remains stagnant due to COVID-19, the “31st National Middle & High School Taekwondo Competition” is taking place in the Taebaek Indoor Stadium, in Gangwon province, event that is regulated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea.

Once again Korean Taekwondo in "pole position"

This competition brings together more than 3,000 competitors from across the country, who participate representing their middle and high school. The event, in which PSS and competition accessories used are from KPNP brand, lasts for 13 days, eleven of which are from Kyorugi and two days from Poomsae.

Una vez más el Taekwondo coreano en "pole position"

As communicated by the OC itself, the place was prepared very carefully, following a strict security protocol to avoid possible infections, where the most outstanding point is that anyone who enters to the mat must wear a mask.

Una vez más el Taekwondo coreano en "pole position"

Below we publish part of the protocol used during this National High School Championship.

Before the competition

  • All facilities were disinfected prior to competition.
  • They placed hand sanitizers and disinfection guide at each entrance.
  • Secured isolation space, disinfection kit (thermometer and medical mask) for a suspicious case.
Una vez más el Taekwondo coreano en "pole position"

During the competition

  • All persons accessing the facilities are guided to undergo temperature control.
  • All facilities and KPNP equipment are disinfected before and after each match.
  • Prevention and control talks are held for all athletes and those involved.
  • For prevention, the weighing area was located abroad.
  • All athletes were accompanied to disinfect their hands before and after each match.
  • All KPNP competition equipment is sterilized, fight after fight.
  • All authorities must wear a mask throughout the competition.
Una vez más el Taekwondo coreano en "pole position"

After the competition

  • Disinfection of complete facilities and KPNP equipment.
  • Guidance for the prevention and control of infectious diseases.
Una vez más el Taekwondo coreano en "pole position"

On the other hand, it is very important to highlight that this event is closed to the public, since neither the relatives can enter the stadium and the participants themselves must comply with an extensive process before receiving authorization to enter the competition court, which It is given together with an app that records where each participant is, in case there is any suspicious case.

Una vez más el Taekwondo coreano en "pole position"

Among the flashy points for a Taekwondo competition as we commonly know it is that athletes cannot warm up inside the stadium and shouts of encouragement are prohibited, only applause in support of a competitor is allowed. Without a doubt we are in a new era for humanity and sport is no exception, but everything indicates that in Taekwondo, South Korea once again took the first step.

Una vez más el Taekwondo coreano en "pole position"