This Thursday, December 14, the premiere of the first Taekwondo series recorded for a livestriming platform was broadcasted, it was the first episode of Kombat Taekwondo. What happened and what’s next? We tell you here.

12 minutes were enough for the production of the Kombat Taekwondo series to use its first chapter as an opener of an event that had its climax on December 3rd at the Royal Center in Bogota, Colombia.



This Thursday was the premiere of the series of what, according to its owners, is the new era of Taekwondo.

This episode focused on telling the public why Rick Shin created the league and his goal to professionalize the art. In addition, he introduced the 16 fighters who came to the coffee lands to make their debuts.

Rick Shin: "I invite you to join the future of Taekwondo"

The product begins to heat up and from this first segment, the fighters left clear, forceful and challenging messages to each other.

The founder and President of Kombat Taekwondo, Rick Shin, emphasized that with this modality he seeks to enhance the art and increase the action in the fights.

“I encourage you to join the future of Taekwondo”, Shin concluded.


Watch again the first evening of Kombat Taekwondo