Since midyear, the Kombat Taekwondo brand jumped into the global entertainment market promising to take its Taekwondo style to another level.

First it told its business model for VIP nights with high-voltage fights evenings, then the membership in the refereeing model and now with the licensing for schools that want to be part of the brand.

Through its official website the company with headquarters in Bogota, Colombia; announced the opportunity and to apply, just access the web address of Kombat Taekwondo. You can do so by clicking here.

The benefits highlighted by the company are: official Kombat Taekwondo license for clubs, positioning through the website, exclusive offers to buy merchandising and gear, official certificates, flag to identify as an affiliated club, exclusive access to seminars and educational symposiums, black belt certifications, official awards in different categories such as prizes for the instructor, coach and competitors; VIP access to Kombat Taekwondo championships; opportunity to be chosen as manager or promoter in the area or region where the school operates; exposure in Kombat Taekwondo’s partner media; opportunity to host camps, seminars, trainings and other educational events authorized by Kombat Taekwondo, among others.

It is important to note that there are some minimum requirements to become one of the Kombat Taekwondo clubs, these are: the club manager must attend the online seminar for Kombat Taekwondo referees; own a Taekwondo club with a physical location and dedicate full time to Taekwondo; have a website and social media pages of the Taekwondo club; dedicate a minimum of one class per week to the modality or style of Kombat Taekwondo; be at least 21 years of age, be a black belt 1st dan in Taekwondo and not have a criminal record.

According to the website, the annual license fee is US$100. Remember that Kombat Taekwondo members also can become star fighters and/or official referees. Read more about Kombat Taekwondo here.