The 2012 London Olympic medalist, Oscar Muñoz, confessed that before knowing Kombat Taekwondo he had the idea of practicing a martial art or sport that would allow him to fight ‘full contact’.

This August 22, Muñoz was in the first live show of Kombat Taekwondo where he revealed why he made the decision to join the professional Taekwondo league and how all his hard history since childhood influenced the character and mental strength that characterizes him.

“What is mental strength and all that stuff is already there. It was forged from a very young age. A solid background that was worked on throughout Taekwondo. Now the only thing we must do is to have a little more clarity, decision and willingness and then face everything that comes, “said Muñoz.

The renowned taekwondoin said that his expectations are based on becoming a legend of Kombat Taekwondo and succeed with the incipient brand.

Kombat Taekwondo will have its first major event on December 3 at the Royal Center in Bogota, Colombia, where at least eight elite competitors will each seek to win the US$3,000 prize for winning their divisions.

Each weight division will have only one fight, making it an attractive target. In addition, the professional Taekwondo league announced that those chosen to arrive at the Bogota casting, as well as the finalists, will have all their expenses paid, from airfare to accommodation and food.

Kombat Taekwondo has already signed at least 10 fighters from different countries, among them Talisca Reis, Nathalia Dinnis, William Findley and Brett Pastore. Subscribe to our Telegram channel to receive all the news and updates from Kombat Taekwondo. Just click here.