Over the years Wayne Mitchell has become a strong leader for Taekwondo in Canada and all over the world with WT. Since he got involved in the administration of our beloved sport he has fought for the transparency and good governance of the sport to achieve the best results sportively talking.

Within the different roles he has been part of, he was president of Taekwondo Canada from 2015 to 2019, and since many years ago, he has been appointed as Technical Delegate by WT for many important events for our region and all over the world, and he is currently Vice-president of the Commonwealth Taekwondo Union.

He is now running for the Vice-presidency position for North American region, and MASTKD.com had the chance to talk with him.

“PATU is an organization for the MNA and their members.  I have always felt that my contribution to Taekwondo organizations has been one of servitude to those that have entrusted me to work for them. PATU should not be a one person or even a small group show.  It requires a whole support team pulling in the same direction to be successful” said Mitchell in our conversation.

Need of transparency and good governance

“It is critical to restore trust in all the processes such as the management of the organization, the services supplied to the MNAs, awarding of events, elections, or the handling of complaints.  It is impossible to bring back trust without transparency and the fair application of governance policies. The council needs to have policies in place that are clearly laid out.  The policies must be applied equally, and consistently for all PATU members”. Said the candidate for VP.

“Without financial and governance stability, PATU will continue to be unable to reach its potential.  It must become a professionally managed, accountable team.  Checks and balances in the form of a financial policy that utilizes an independent finance committee.  The process should include multiple approval signature required, audited financial statements, adherence to approved budgets, quarterly financial statement to council. 

In addition to the financial, the governance policies in place should be more closely aligned with WT.  Of special concern is the Ethics and Integrity process.  A clear and fair process needs to be developed that protects the individual through a natural justice procedure.  Dispute Resolution options are an integral part of reducing conflict.  This must not be a political weapon used for opponents or frivolous complaints”. Continued Mitchell on this topic.

The region needs more G-ranked events

“There needs to be more G ranked event opportunities.  Many countries do not have the support they need to ensure their Taekwondo Programs are sustainable.  Without viable Taekwondo Programs throughout all countries in the PATU region the talent pool is weaker.  A larger talent pool will challenge all athletes to reach a higher level of competitiveness”, stated Mitchell.

Goals as Vice-president of PATU

“There needs to be a structured plan that is supported by the MNAs.  The common goal must meet the expectation of all MNAs.  This requires a mutually agreed upon Vision and Mission statement.  This common goal will assist PATU in creating a Strategic Long-Term Plan.  Without a roadmap, how do we know where PATU wants to go and how does it get there?

The Strategic Long-Term Plan leads to an Operational Plan.  This will provide the means to realize the goals.  From year to year the Operational Plan and Long-Term Plan need reviewing.  Goals may need revising and steps to accomplish those goals may need adjustment.  Engagement of the MNAs and their large professional management talent pool is critical for success.

I believe step one is to get the financials under control and create a transparent system with checks and balances.  Funds are very limited, and they must be spent wisely to best serve the common goals of the PATU MNAs”, finalized the VP candidate Wayne Mitchell to MASTKD.com