Pan America had its worst performance since Taekwondo has participated in the Olympic Games with only two medals, the gold of the United States and the bronze medal of Cuba, but this was not a reason for the renowned sports businessman Rick Shin not to be with his representatives giving those words of support in a continental union that is currently going through difficult times.


“The process of being at the Tokyo 2020 Games was a slightly more challenging process than the previous years due to heightened COVID restrictions and difficult times WTPA is going through”, Shin explained to MASTKD.

“I am grateful to have hurdled through the protocols so I can be here in Japan to cheer my Pan Am family on. As the Secretary General of WTPA, who has been through both pleasant and difficult changes alongside our 45 countries, I wouldn’t have missed the biggest celebration of our Pan Am athletes’ success for the world”, continued the Portland, Oregon native.

El apoyo a los atletas americanos llega hasta en los peores momentos

Talking to our media and analyzing the performance shown by the Pan American athletes, Shin was emphatic: “While I am extremely proud of our athletes’ representation in the Tokyo 2020 Games, it is my mission and my personal goal to assure that Pan Am countries will receive the utmost effective athletes’ development in the immediate future in order to secure winning performances in Paris 2024”.

When we asked him about his feeling of witnessing these very special Olympic Games Rick Shin assured, “It was truly an honor to be in Tokyo, supporting our athletes at the pinnacle of our sport! Beyond the result, they experienced a unique moment that very few people can have the joy of experiencing. I am very proud of each one of them.”

El apoyo a los atletas americanos llega hasta en los peores momentos

Part of the solution

In the conversation with Master Shin, it was concluded that for the talented athletes in the region to reach their highest levels, it is necessary to align and fine-tune all the gears that goes from the political-administrative part synchronized with World Taekwondo, to the development of the grassroots and of course to provide the necessary tools for those who are already in high performance.

“To carry out strategies that at some point converge with other continental unions that have achieved great results, will enhance those of our athletes, of course through the necessary and appropriate efforts to make it realistic and achievable for all MNAs of our beloved warrior continent, with the firm objective of obtaining greater development and therefore more metals in the Olympic Games”, said Master Shin to MASTKD.

El apoyo a los atletas americanos llega hasta en los peores momentos