Past May 9th, 2021 took place the European Qualification Tournament for Tokyo Paralympic Games, in Sofia, Bulgaria, right after the Qualification tournament for Tokyo Olympics (able body) on May 7th and 8th, where 20 International Referees from top 50 of all over the world officiated this great event.

“I’m very happy to say that we had a successful competition, everything was carried out following the protocols stablished by WT by the book, before this last European event we had 28 countries qualified through 54 athletes. Now 4 athletes from Azerbaijan and 2 from Great Britain join this group of competitors that will look for their dream to get a Paralympic medal in Tokyo” stated Mr. Chelbat to

Among the countries qualified for Paralympic games are Argentina, Azerbaijan, Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Spain, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Libya, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, SOL, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and Uzbekistan.

Besides all those qualified already and those who will join through Asian qualification event there is still the possibility to attend Tokyo Paralympic Games, with a “Wild Card”, to have this chance, the National Paralympic Committees should have register to the Bi-partite application by May 31st. Decision of athletes selected will be made by June 6th.

“We have standardized our competition protocols, that is why we have been educating to everyone athletes, coaches, referees and officials before, and during the event, together with team of Para-Taekwondo Committee, my colleague Mr. Usman Dildar, Para-Games Chairman, Mr. Olof Hansson, Para-Taekwondo Director, the group of volunteers of the event, all the International Referees, my WTE colleagues Mr. Giannis, Mrs. Georgia, Mr. Christos, Mrs. Vassiliki and of course all the Organizing Committee of Bulgaria, we had 24 competitors from 15 countries of Europe attending this successful tournament, looking for a spot in Tokyo”. Continued Mr. Chelbat.

Para-Taekwondo is Confirmed already for Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, the Committee is already preparing for the next stop, which will be the Asian Qualification Tournament, which will take place in Jordan on May 23rd.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the leadership of our WT President, Dr. Chungwon Choue, and his great effort in putting the Para-Taekwondo as top of mind for this coming Paralympics and of course and no less important the leadership of World Taekwondo Europe Mr. Sakis Pragalos, for supporting all the Para-movement. We as part of the committee are doing our best to provide athletes the best conditions, to let them have the best experience or their lives, with transparency and fair play. I’m looking forward to see everyone at Jordan, and then get ready for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo this summer”. Concluded the Chairman of Para-Taekwondo Committee who will serve as Technical Delegate on the Paralympic Games.

It is important to mention that Para-Taekwondo will join Grand Prix final, and next Grand Slams, in conjunction with able body events. Besides and no less important, Para-Taekwondo will be covering 10 impairments instructed by the IPC.