Angelo Cito: “We work closely with Italian government for Taekwondo family benefit”

In the middle of difficult times Italian Taekwondo Federation FITA didn’t stop working on behalf of local Taekwondo Family. Its president confessed in exclusive what’s happening right now in Italy.

We talked in exclusive with the president of the Italian Taekwondo Federation -FITA- Angelo Cito, about different interesting topics, when we asked him about what’s the federation doing to keep active his athletes during these difficult times, this is what he said.

“First of all, we have continuously informed all our associates of how to behave to protect themselves from Covid-19 with a campaign aimed at different age groups. In a second phase. we have provided training programs through online platforms, and online poomsae and acrobatic and freestyle competitions”.

FITA started face-to-face trainings since June under strict health protocols, this included belt promotions, with all safety measures; for now, they are preparing next step protocols to be included this September and move forward step by step into more activities.

One of the keys for a successful administration is the relationship with the government. “FITA has always had excellent relationship with government, this part is managed very seriously, and even when I take strong positions in defense of our autonomy and independence the listen to us, because we sowed a good relationship”, said president Cito about this topic.

“Right after these difficult times started, I ran a support program for clubs and masters to help them during the pandemic, including an economic support that by December will reach 1000,000 euros”, assured the president of FITA.

When we asked him about the preparation of athletes during this period he mentioned. “The national team has reactivated the activity at full speed at the Olympic Training Center. We have an extraordinary technical staff who are able to motivate the athletes even in this difficult moment, I am really proud of all of them”.

“It has been a very difficult moment for all of us, but the Athletes are special people, they always know how to find the right motivation”, stated Cito

Two years ago, FITA was awarded as the best MNA of the world. How do you keep that status?

“This is such a responsibility! I will always be grateful with President Choue and the WT Council, and staff for this award. I am someone who always looks to the future and every time I achieve a result, I share it with all our team first, but immediately after, I start working to improve my duties, so the goal is always to do better. After this period, I will bring the Grand Prix and much more back to Italy, but I will reveal these things to you next time”, said confident president Cito.

Before we finished talking to him, Angelo Cito sent a message. “First of all, I want to thank the WT and the entire Taekwondo family around the world, for their closeness and the affection they have shown towards me and my country during this difficult period of the pandemic, and want to say to them all, that we need to be stronger than this, we will defeat this crisis. A big hug to everyone, and I hope to see you soon on the competition mats, why not, in Italy! I conclude with encouraging vibes to all athletes who will make their dream come true, by participating at the Tokyo Olympic Games”.


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