According to the Guidelines set forth by the WT, several companies received the recognition of the WT for producing this uniform for the Olympic games as well for other high level Taekwondo competitions such as the Grand Prix.

Kwon’s recognized uniform model is called “Tokyo” and it features a comfortable yet not too tight fit, is made in Europe and is now available to the public in limited quantities. The uniform can be purchased at US residents may order the uniform from


Jacket: 95%polyester 5% elastane
Pants: 90% polyester 10% elastane.


It features a breathable functional material

GEORG STREIF (German national coach, Olympic medal coach): “the new Kwon Olympic uniform is comfortable to wear and allows a complete freedom of movement while kicking. The material is comfortable.”

The uniform is comfortable and looks stylish, yet not too tight. It allows excellent freedom of movement.

ELA AYDIN (10 times national German champion): “the new kwon uniform -Tokyo- feels very comfortable and light while wearing. The new tight fit underlines the physics and athletics of taekwondo athletes”.

The history

Kwon brand was founded 1980 in Germany by a German Taekwondo teacher, and its origin is in Taekwondo. It is the WT’s longest and oldest WT recognition partner and was one of the first companies ever to receive and obtain a WT recognition for Taekwondo products back in the time when a WT recognition was introduced. KWON is a non-stop WT recognized brand since the first hour of WT recognition of Taekwondo products.

Kwon brand belongs to the Kwon KG, which also features other brands for other sports such as “Danrho” for Judo, “Fightmature” for MMA or “K.P.B. Kwon Professional Boxing”- brand for the sport of Boxing.

Kwon uniform ready to rock with the stars

The Kwon KG is run by business professionals who have martial arts backgrounds in Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Karate.

The Kwon KG has a daughter company in Qingdao China, as well as a daughter company in GrandRapids Michigan USA.