MASTKD joined the WTPA Executive Council meeting, which was attended by the majority of its members, and where different topics related mainly to the evolution of online events and the rescheduling of face-to-face competitions were discussed.

MASTKD Español

Choi began the meeting by announcing the representatives of his different committees among which were:

• Myung Kim: Technical Chairman (North, Central and Caribbean Region).
• Younggi Jeon: Technical Chairman (South Region).
• Barbara Marian: Kyorugi Referee Chairlady.
• Raymond Hsu: Poomsae Referee Chairman.
• Sandra Magally Peña: Para-Taekwondo Referee Chairlady.
• Fernando Akilian: Para-Taekwondo Committee Chairman.

Continuing with the meeting, Ji Ho Choi announced the progress of the online events in a joint work between WTPA, WCompetition and MasTKD and said that everything was ready to carry out official competitions of the Continental Union. In addition, in consensus with its Executive Committee members, they are waiting for WT approval to obtain official Poomsae ranking points.

He recalled and mentioned that all the official face-to-face G events of 2020 were completely canceled; and that in conjunction with Pan Am Sports, WTPA will hold a Training camp and Competition prior to the Olympic Games, covering several expenses and for the benefit of the participating athletes.

Multisport Games

Taekwondo will be involved for the first time in history in the 1st Pan American Junior Games to be held in the city of Cali, Colombia, which will have a total participation of 64 quotas for Kyorugi, and where wildcards will be given to the first places for the Games Pan American Games “Santiago 2023”.

The WTPA leader is already in meetings with the president of ORDECA to define details of the next Central American Games “Santa Tecla 2021”.

Regarding to the 2022 Central American and Caribbean Games and awaiting confirmation for new host country, Ji Ho Choi has managed to get more quotas for Taekwondo, more specifically for the Poomsae modality, which will include the following divisions:

• Recognized Individual.
• Recognized Pair.
• Recognized Team.
• Freestyle Mixed Team.

In this way, added to Kyorugi, Taekwondo has a total of 176 quotas.

The Central American and Caribbean Games would be scheduled for mid-2022 with a previous qualification tournament at the beginning of the same year.

For the South American Games of “Asunción 2022”, Master Choi is negotiating in order to increase the quotas and to have eight Kyorugi divisions plus the possibility to include Poomsae.

On the other hand, for “Santiago 2023” Pan American Games, Ji Ho Choi got more quotas for Poomsae, adding a total of 40 competitors, distributed in eight teams of five members each. This, added to Kyorugi quotas, generates a historical participation of Taekwondo with 157 athletes.

During this year of pandemic due to the coronavirus, only some events could take place, as Mexico Open, US Open, Qualification Tournament for Olympic Games, and Costa Rica Open partially. And now after two test events, WTPA staff is working tirelessly in order to have successful Online Live WTPA events.