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Tapiz DAEDO confirmado para los Juegos Olímpicos “Paris 2024”

La superficie de competencia que ofrece DAEDO es la opción ideal para el evento deportivo más grande del mundo, con su construcción de calidad superior, diseño altamente personalizable y colores claros y vibrantes. Es fácil de desplegar e instalar y proporciona el agarre necesario para proteger a los atletas de quemaduras y lesiones en las rodillas.

El tapiz también tiene las mismas propiedades de amortiguación que un tapete de rompecabezas normal. No solo es adecuado para las exigencias de la competencia olímpica, sino que también crea grandes oportunidades para tomar fotografías.

Con sede en Barcelona, DAEDO es líder mundial en Taekwondo PSS (Protector Scoring System) y ha sido elegido por Swiss Timing como proveedor oficial desde los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012 hasta las justas de Tokio el año pasado.

Un buen ejemplo de estas características se puede ver en el tapiz enrollable utilizado en el Campeonato Mundial de Taekwondo en Guadalajara 2022, ya que fue la primera vez que un tapete había sido tan altamente personalizado, con esquinas redondeadas y color en todo el borde, haciéndolo parecer parte del área de competencia en lugar de algo agregado después.

Veremos a DAEDO como proveedor de tapices en el próximo Campeonato Mundial en Azerbaiyán y como proveedor de tecnología en varios eventos internacionales previos a los Juegos Olímpicos de París 2024, como los Juegos Asiáticos, los Juegos Europeos y los Juegos Panamericanos, dos GP Series, un GP Challenge y un GP Final.

“Estamos encantados de haber sido elegidos como el único proveedor del área de competencia del Taekwondo para París 2024”, dijo Chuen-wook Park, fundador y director ejecutivo de DAEDO.

“Nuestros muchos años de experiencia en la producción de equipos de Taekwondo de la más alta calidad nos han ayudado a desarrollar un tapete de primera línea que cumple con los estándares de World Taekwondo y las necesidades tanto de los atletas como de los organizadores de eventos. Estamos ansiosos por verlo en acción en el escenario más grande del mundo”.

Además de usarse en los Juegos Olímpicos de París 2024, DAEDO también apoya a atletas de Taekwondo de todo el mundo mientras se preparan para los Juegos Olímpicos a través del patrocinio de las cinco Uniones Continentales de Taekwondo, muchas MNA y patrocinios individuales.

DAEDO selected as official Olympic Taekwondo mat for Paris 2024

The roll mat offered by DAEDO is the ideal choice for the world’s largest sporting event, with its superior quality construction, highly customizable design, and clear and vibrant colours. It is easy to roll out and install and provides the necessary grip to protect athletes from mat burn and knee injuries. The mat also has the same cushioning properties as a regular puzzle mat to protect athletes during falls in competition. Not only is it suitable for the demands of Olympic competition, but it also creates great opportunities for picture-taking.

A good example of these features can be seen in the roll mat used at the World Taekwondo Championships in Guadalajara 2022. It was the first time a mat had been so highly customized, with round corners and colour throughout the border, making it appear like it was part of the field of play rather than something added afterward.

We will see more of DAEDO as a selected mat supplier in the upcoming World Championships in Azerbaijan, and as a technology provider at various international events leading up to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, such as the Asian Games, European Games, Pan-American Games, 2 GP Series, 1 GP Challenge, and 1 GP Final.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen as the Sole Supplier of the Taekwondo mat for Paris 2024,” said Chuen-wook Park, founder and CEO of DAEDO. “Our many years of experience in producing the highest quality Taekwondo equipment have helped us develop a top-of-the-line mat that meets the standards of World Taekwondo and the needs of both athletes and event organizers. We can’t wait to see it in action on the world’s biggest stage.”

In addition to being used at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, DAEDO is also supporting taekwondo athletes from around the world as they prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympics through sponsorships of all five Continental Taekwondo Unions, many MNAs, and individual sponsorships.

World Taekwondo President’s New Year Message for 2023

This year, World Taekwondo will celebrate our Golden Jubilee! From our founding on May 28, 1973, World Taekwondo and Taekwondo as a sport have become a globally recognised brand.

Over the past 50 years, World Taekwondo:

•    Has grown its membership base with 212 Member National Associations plus one Refugee Team
•    Was included in six consecutive Olympic Games (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016, and Tokyo 2020), with Paris 2024 and LA 2028 in the horizons
•    Debuted in the Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020)
•    Has organised hundreds of promoted events including 25 World Championships, 13 Junior Championships, 5 Cadet Championships, 12 Poomsae Championships, and 9 Para Taekwondo Championships
•    Has been recognised as the leading international federation on humanitarian activities 

We created many historic firsts in 2022, including the inaugural World Taekwondo Hall of Fame, Para Taekwondo in the Grand Prix Series, and an electrifying World Taekwondo Demonstration Team’s performance at the ANOC Awards.

Taekwondo not only thrilled; we also inspired.

In 2022, World Taekwondo and the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation organised the first-ever Hope and Dreams Refugee Taekwondo Championships in Amman, Jordan, with the participation of more than 200 youths and children from the Azraq and Za’atari refugee camps.

With regard to the Olympic Solidarity Scholarship Program for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Taekwondo has the second highest number of scholarship holders with eight athletes including two from the Azraq refugee camp.

To celebrate our 50th Founding Anniversary in 2023, the theme is “Peace in Mind, Taekwondo at Heart”. In this regard, I ask all Member National Associations to promote the theme and 50th Founding Anniversary logo in your respective events in 2023.

World Taekwondo will organise a special Gala at the World Taekwondo Championships in Baku (Azerbaijan) on May 28th to commemorate the best male and female athletes from each Olympic and Paralympic Games.

During the Gala, we will also honour the founding Member National Associations of World Taekwondo that participated in the inaugural World Championships and General Assembly on May 28, 1973.

World Taekwondo and THF will invite international federations for the inaugural Hope and Dreams Sports Festival for Refugees. I firmly believe that all sports must be inclusive and therefore, World Taekwondo will take the initiative to create a Hope and Dreams Sports Peace Corps comprising the international federations of the Olympic and Paralympic movements.

Most importantly, I wish to thank the Member National Associations and authorities for your support in hosting World Taekwondo events. Your support to develop elite athletes and reach out to the grassroots is the essence of Taekwondo’s promotion globally.

I believe that 2023 will truly be a special year as we lay the foundations for World Taekwondo’s Centenary. I thank you in advance for your continued support as we carry on in our journey to strive for excellence.

Be safe, healthy and happy in 2023!

Sincerely yours,

Chungwon Choue

Referees Internacionales rumbo a los Juegos Olímpicos de París 2024

Referees Internacionales rumbo a los Juegos Olímpicos de París 2024
Como ya es costumbre de WT, el cuerpo arbitral del Taekwondo que oficiará durante los Juegos Olímpicos “Paris 2024”, se seleccionará a través de campamentos de entrenamiento en los cuales se evalúan diferentes puntos.
Referees Internacionales rumbo a los Juegos Olímpicos de París 2024

El cronograma es el siguiente:

  1. CAMP ONE (Asia and Oceania): Febrero 12-14, 2023 / Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
  2. CAMP TWO (Pan Am): Febrero 21-23, 2023 / Querétaro, México.
  3. CAMP THREE (Europe and Africa): Marzo 14-16, 2023 / Brussels, Belgium.

Goseong 2022 World Taekwondo Octagon Diamond Games looks to the future

The demonstration competition saw athletes compete in an octagonal structure for the first time ever providing a boundary for athletes to utilise for additional power and acrobatic techniques. Over the three days, athletes, who fought as individuals, as pairs and as teams of five, attempted a wide array of awe-inspiring and gravity-defying kicks to secure points.

The dramatic action was given an added sense of spectacle and excitement with the introduction of gamification effects to the broadcast. Viewers at home were transported to their favourite esports as cutting edge technology was integrated into the electronic protectors and competition management systems to provide gamification effects over the real-life action.

Speaking following the competition, World Taekwondo Chungwon Choue said:

“It was fantastic to trial a number of new innovations at the Goseong 2022 World Taekwondo Octagon Diamond Games. At World Taekwondo we are always looking at how we can evolve and adapt to make our sport as attractive as possible, particularly to the younger generations. In an increasingly digital world, it is vital that we continually push boundaries and embrace new technologies while staying true to our values that have made our sport so successful for so many years. This was just a showcase and further study of the innovations here in Goseong are necessary but it does serve to show just how much exciting opportunity there is for Taekwondo in the future.”


The event magician Chuong Pham, a lifetime dedicated to Taekwondo

The event magician Chuong Pham, a lifetime dedicated to Taekwondo

Recently recognized by the White House and US Government, MASTKD had the chance to talk with the event magician Chuon Pham, a hard worker man that has Taekwondo in his veins, and had dedicated his life to take Taekwondo to the next level, and this is what he said to us.

We are aware that you got a recognition by the White House and US government. Why is this recognition for?

I was nominated for the award by a TKD Master in recognition of my lifetime developing TKD in the USA. My nomination was submitted to the White House selection committee for review and approval. The award was presented to me during a Blackbelt test at a local TKD school.

How did you start in Taekwondo?

I started TKD in Vietnam with my two brothers in 1972 when I was 7 years old.  Our father was our first instructor.  He was in the military during the Vietnam war and the Korean military had taught TKD to our military personnel. After his service in the military, my father came home and opened a dojang in front of the house to teach the art of TKD to our local communities. TKD classes for us were twice a day, six days a week, early morning and after school in the evening.

What do you do for work?

I currently work as the Senior Supply Chain Manager for a Biotechnology firm in the USA, focusing on Smallpox antibody therapeutics. My role is to oversee procurement and materials management for the company’s manufacturing activities.

The event magician Chuong Pham, a lifetime dedicated to Taekwondo

Do you have a Taekwondo academy or were you involved in something else besides managing from A-to-Z PATU events for years?

Before COVID, I taught TKD at night after my regular day-time job from 6pm to 10pm, four days a week, and refereed at local and international tournaments on the weekends. I am working on my Kukkiwon 8th Dan.  My TKD resume includes the following:

  • MD State TKD President 2010-2012
  • AAU TKD Referee Chairman 2004-2014
  • Former NCTA Referee Chairman
  • Former USAT Tournament Chairman
  • Former USAT Vice Referee Chair
  • Former WT Vice Chair of Games Committee
  • USAT Team Manager at 2007 Beijing World Championship
  • Aruba TKD Coach at 2007 Beijing World Championship
  • IR at 2010 World Cup in China
  • WT TD Level 3
  • PATU Games Chair 2000-2022
  • PATU Council Member 2012 – Present.
  • Korean Ambassador Cup Referee Chairman
  • PATU walking encyclopedia

Where do you live and when did you arrived in US?

I live in Maryland 30 minutes northwest of Washington, DC. My family of five (father, mother, me and my two brothers) escaped from Vietnam in 1978 as boat people.  We spent 6 months in Malaysia as refugees before arriving in the USA through sponsorship by one of my father’s American TKD students he had taught in Vietnam via a Catholic Church. At the time, the USA allowed refugees into the country following the Vietnam war crisis.

What does the recognition mean to you?

Recognition is a formal act of acknowledgment for your contributions, support and help with the development of TKD in a nation or organization. TKD has been my passion for years and it is rewarding to be recognized for my lifetime of dedication.

The event magician Chuong Pham, a lifetime dedicated to Taekwondo

Through the years you always took care of every detail in the competition. Why did you choose to sacrifice many things in your personal life for Taekwondo?

TKD has been my life and my passion. I grew up with TKD and will die with TKD. It is not an overstatement to say that I gave up my family life for TKD.  I was driven to take care of the details because I like to see fair competition and I want to ensure that the athletes have a better level of playing field when it is within my control.

In your opinion what do you think that Taekwondo is missing to get to the top?

In my personal opinion, for TKD to get to the next level, several things need to change or improve.  For instance, sport TKD is far too expensive and not everyone can afford to participate.  It would improve fairness if the rules were not constantly changing from event to event.  Unlike other sports, the referees are volunteers and need more education, training and financial support for traveling.  And event standards need to be taken into consideration for each MMA because not every country can afford a world-class event.

You’ve organized hundreds of events, what would be one that you’ll remember for life and why?

My favorite event and country would be Argentina. I was invited by Dr. Cha Sok Park to run the Pan-American Championship in Argentina and it was my first time in that country. The people and volunteers are so genuine, caring and kind; the country is incredibly beautiful; and the food and wine is simply delicious. My sister, Mancuso, arranged for us to do a tour of the famous soccer town.  At the time, Ignacio, the current ARG President was a referee at the event, and Ricardo Torres was working with the Organizing Committee. All of us, and referees, stayed at the military base near the venue. The event was successful and a lot of good fighting was going on.

Would you like to add, say something else, or thank somebody?

I would like to thank MASTKD team for the support and for recognizing my contributions to TKD in PATU. MASTKD is the first social media that supported and promoted TKD in PATU with fairness since I have been involved, whether the events were in person at a venue or online.

To all my TKD friends, brothers and sisters, TKD is for life. Integrity, respect and fairness are what we learn from the art of TKD and what we strive for in everyday life.

The event magician Chuong Pham, a lifetime dedicated to Taekwondo

La eminencia del Poomsae GM Ik Pil Kang será parte de seminario PATU

La eminencia del Poomsae GM Ik Pil Kang será parte de seminario PATU

Del 26 al 29 de enero, la Unión Panamericana de Taekwondo preocupada por el desarrollo integral de toda la familia del Taekwondo a nivel continental, llevará a Aguascalientes, específicamente a las instalaciones fe Ficotrece, un seminario único para todos los amantes del Poomsae.

El Grand Master Ik Pil Kang, 9no Dan, Instructor oficial de la Federación Mundial y de Kukkiwon, escritor del bestseller, -The explanation of Official Taekwondo Poomsae- re-editado en diversas ocasiones y consultado en todos los rincones del mundo será parte de un intensivo curso que aportará de la mejor forma a todos los participantes.

Unido a él, exponentes de primer nivel serán parte de este seminario, Master Younggi Jeon y Master Raymond Hsu, conforman la totalidad de los panelistas que ofrecerá esta gran iniciativa del presidente de PATU, Lic. Juan Manuel López, en su búsqueda por el desarrollo integral del Poomsae a nivel continental.

Esta es una oportunidad única para atletas, entrenadores, árbitros y amantes del Poomsae en general, para fortalecer sus bases en la práctica cotidiana del Poomsae, que sin duda propulsará su desarrollo, gracias las herramientas que los panelistas ofrecerán a todos los participantes.

No pierdas la oportunidad más valiosa del año para aprender de los mejores.

Descarga toda la información de los eventos Continentales de Capacitación en Aguascalientes 2023

Pan American Poomsae Seminar 2023




1st Pan American Technical Taekwondo Summit 2023




WT Seminario de Refrescamiento para Árbitros Internacionales Kyorugui


PATU galardonada como la Unión Continental del año 2022

PATU galardonada como la Unión Continental del año 2022

La Gala se realizó en el Alkhozam Hall de Riyadh este 10 de diciembre y entre los diferentes galardonados, debemos resaltar un hecho histórico, y es que PATU pueda destacarse como ente continental por sobre las otras uniones que siempre relegaron a América lejos de un premio de estas características.

PATU galardonada como la Unión Continental del año 2022
Mario Mandel (Secretario General PATU y Miembro del Consejo Ejecutivo de WT), María Borello (Vicepresidenta de PATU y WT) y Juan Manuel López Delgado (Presidente de PATU y Vicepresidente de WT)-

El convertirse en La Unión Continental del Año 2022 se debe a varios factores entre los que podemos destacar el desarrollo estructural, liderazgo, criterio organizativo, transparencia administrativa y por supuesto, los excelentes resultados  deportivos obtenidos en el movimiento olímpico y paralímpico.

La PATU que desde hace un año es conducida por el mexicano Juan Manuel López Delgado, ha tenido un año como nunca se había visto en esta región del planeta, y fue el propio Licenciado López Delgado quien aseguró que el 2023 estará repleto de sorpresas para todos los miembros de esta continental.

2022’s Best Athletes, Para Athletes of the Year Named from Italy, Thailand and Turkiye

2022’s Best Athletes, Para Athletes of the Year Named from Italy, Thailand and Turkiye

The event was held at Riyadh’s Alkhozam Hall, after the conclusion of the Grand Prix Final earlier in the day. The Gala Awards offer athletes, coaches and officials the chance to transition out of sports gear and into dinner attire for a party that ends the fighting season with a touch of glitz.

The evening kicked off with a troupe of local drummers and sword dancers performing, followed by a video presentation on the Grand Prix Series’ bounce back from the Covid pandemic.

Then it was down to business.

WT President Chungwon Choue took to the stage to announce 2022’s MNA of the Year:

The Kingdom of Jordan. Jordan has had a tremendous year, and was the only team to capture two golds at the just-ended GP Final. Choue noted that Jordan has also been highly supportive of the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation’s flagship project, which empowers Syrian refugees with Taekwondo training at the Azraq Refugee Camp.

In an unusual development, a second MNA of the Year was also presented:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The country not only hosted the first-ever WT Women’s Open Championships in 2021, but also the Riyadh GP Final.

WT’s last GP Final had been held in 2019 before the pandemic descended. Choue thanked the Saudi Taekwondo Association for reviving it this year.

The next award was MNA of the Year for Para Taekwondo. The winner was Brazil, which won the Paralympic Taekwondo competition in Tokyo, and has developed into arguably the world’s strongest team.

The Fighting Spirit Award was won by Ukraine. Para Athlete Vika Marchuk, a mainstay of the Ukrainian Team and a high-profile figure in Para Taekwondo, presented Choue with a piece of embroidery – a traditional Ukrainian art form – that had taken her three weeks to craft.

The Continental Union of the Year was won by the Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU), which this year hosted the World Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico, and integrated Para Taekwondo into its first-ever Gala Awards evening.

2022’s Best Athletes, Para Athletes of the Year Named from Italy, Thailand and Turkiye

The Kick of the Year Award – selected by the WT Technical Committee – was won by Team Mexico’s Daniela Paola Suza, for her jump spinning roundhouse head kick, delivered to spectacular effect during the recent World Championships in Guadalajara.

The next awards were all selected by peer vote, conducted onsite from among the attendees.

Coach of the Year went to Serbia’s Dragan Jovic. Despite the country’s small size, Jovic has, since the 2012 London Olympics, built it into a Taekwondo powerhouse generating both World and Olympic champions.

The Coach of the Year for Para Taekwondo award was won by Bobur Kuziev of Uzbekistan, who has taken the national Para Taekwondo program from the grassroots to Paralympic and multiple Grand Prix golds.

Female Referee of the Year was Soo-kyung Park of Korea, while Male Referee of the Year was Anouer Djlassi of Tunisia.

Then it was time for the biggest awards of the night.

The Female Athlete of the Year for Para Taekwondo was Meryem Betul Cavdar of Turkiye who won gold at the Sofia, Paris and Manchester GPs.

The Male Athlete of the Year for Para Taekwondo was Mahmut Bozteke – also of Team Turkiye – who has been undefeated all this year, until his first losses here in Riyadh.

Female Athlete of the Year was Olympic Gold Medalist Panipak Wongpattanakit of Thailand, who has this year won the Manchester and Paris GPs, and – earlier in the day – struck gold at the GP Final.

Male Athlete of the Year was Simone Alessio of Team Italy, who won this year’s Roma and Paris GPs, and who – like his female counterpart – had won today’s GP Final.

The last event was a handover from Riyadh to Manchester, which will host 2023’s Grand Prix Final and Gala Awards.

That is all from Riyadh – and World Taekwondo wishes all players and fans of the sport seasons’ greetings.

Day 2 delivers gold to China, Cote d’Ivoire, Italy, Jordan, Korea, Thailand and Turkiye

Day 2 delivers gold to China, Cote d’Ivoire, Italy, Jordan, Korea, Thailand and Turkiye

Experience certainly has a premium – but was not a reliable indicator of victory in all eight (four men, four women) finals. After the smoke cleared in Riyadh’s Green Halls, golds were won by (in match order) Thailand, Italy, Turkiye, Korea, China, Cote d’Ivoire and Jordan.

Jordan was the only nation to grab two golds at this championship.

In addition to adding precious medal to their trophy cabinets and points to their rankings, today’s gold, silver and bronze medalists won $6,000, $3,000 and $1,000, respectively, in prize money.


Olympic double Gold Medalist Panipak Wongpattanakit of Thailand took on Team Turkiye’s rising star Merve Dincel, who has no top-tier victories under her belt. The Turk came to fight but the Thai’s experience, distancing and head-seeking front-leg kick granted her gold with a very clean, clear victory in the second round.

The category’s bronze was won by Adriana Cerezo Iglesias of Spain.


In a highly entertaining match, Team Italy’s World Champion and two-time GP Winner Simone Alessio was pitted against Team Korea’s up-and-comer Geon-woo Seo, who has a single GP gold to his credit.

The Italian, wielding a height advantage, won Round 1 from a game Seo, who sought to negate the Alessio’s leg length by fighting up-close and personal. Seo, showcasing a high work rate, decisively won the second by fighting tightly. In the third, Alessio relied on his experience and head kick to hold off a spirited challenge from the Korean, taking gold.

Seif Eissa of Egypt won bronze.


In yet another veteran-versus rookie fight, three-time World Champion and five-time GP Winner Bianca “Queen Bee” Cook, 31, of Team GB, took on 17-year-old Youth World Champion – and MVP at the Sofia Junior Worlds – Sude Yaren Uzuncavdar of Team Turkiye.

The first two rounds were tactical, low-scoring fights with both fighter winning one. In the third the young Turk accelerated her work rate, piled on the pressure and won gold from the tired-looking British star.

Team Turkiye’s Nafia Kus went home with the bronze.


This matchup pitted Olympic silver medalist Mohamed Khalil Jendoubi of Tunisia against double World Champion and six-time GP Winner Jun Jang of Korea. In a closely-scored match, Jang took the first round. In the second, he drew ahead with a late-round blitzkrieg that put him 4-1 up on the board in Round 2. In a final-seconds drama, two IVRs were requested, but Jang stayed ahead, decisively grabbing gold in Round 2.

Cyrian Ravet of France won bronze.

Day 2 delivers gold to China, Cote d’Ivoire, Italy, Jordan, Korea, Thailand and Turkiye


This category also broke the “star vs. challenger” paradigm, as China’s World Champion and multiple GP Winner Zongshi Luo took on Team Turkiye’s veteran and double GP Champion Hatice Kubra Ilgun. The long, leggy Luo is a front-leg point machine, but Kubra Ilgun won Round 1 by fighting forward with varied techniques. Luo switched up a gear and won Round 2. The third was very closely contested – but the Chinese athlete won gold on superiority.

Bronze was taken by Skylar Park of Canada.


Cote d’Ivoire’s popular Olympic Champion and four-time GP Winner Cheick Sallah Cisse took on Mexico’s Carlos Sansores. Sansores is current world champion, but has had less luck in tourneys outside the Pan America. The African was giving away a 20kg weight difference (!) but was active and aggressive, establishing a clear lead and taking Round 1 after a high-scoring battle. In the second, Cisse mixed up punches and body kicks, taking gold in Round 2 – to the crowd’s delight.

Dejan Georgievski of North Macedonia had to be satisfied with bronze.

2022 Grand Prix Final Preliminaries Contested on Day 1 in Riyadh


China’s Mengyu Zhang took on Jordan’s Julyana Al-Sadeq in a clash of styles: Chinese front-leg precision vs. Jordanian energy and ambidextrous energy. The latter prevailed. Al-Sadeq won both the first and the second rounds – then cartwheeled across the mats to celebrate her gold victory.

Bronze was taken by Magda Wiet-Henin of France.


This looked like an easy win for current Olympic and Asia Champion Ulugbek Rashitov of Uzbekistan, taking on Zaid Kareem of Jordan who has just two GP silvers in his trophy cabinet. But both men are highly active athletes and their fight promised to be a scorcher. It was.

Kareem took Round 1, which ended 7-7, on superiority after a battle of dueling legs and whirling spin kicks. Rashitov fought back and took Round 2, 11-5. It went down to Round 3 – and gold for Kareem, who won it after an explosive edge-of-mats combat in the final seconds.

In a nice display of sportsmanship, both players and their coaches posed together at the conclusion of the fight.

Hakan Recber of Turkiye took the bronze.