During this last day of cadet competition, and during a conversation between Dr. Choue, president of WT and Juan Manuel Lopez, president of PATU, about various subjects that continue to work together for the benefit of all practitioners in the region, the initiative arose to recognize the three world champions native of the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Taking advantage of the occasion of the Gala Dinner to be held during the month of November in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where the Kyorugi World Taekwondo Championships will be held, PATU will recognize outstanding personalities, leaders, athletes, coaches, referees and all those who have left an important mark for Taekwondo in the region.

“That occasion that will be very special, is the perfect scenario to make a tribute to three stars coming from Jalisco, Guillermo Cortes, who was named in this event as the most valuable competitor, Uriel Adriano, World Champion in Puebla 2013 and Paula Fregoso, Poomsae World Champion. Dr. Choue, aware of two great athletes from the same state, has requested that we invite them to thank them for the positive impact they generate in the different generations of Taekwondo practitioners, and of course, deservedly, we will honor them in such a timely moment,” said Juan Manuel Lopez, president of PATU.

The gala dinner is already in its planning and management phase, with the purpose of making it a memorable night for the attendees and for Taekwondo in general in the region.