Italia is looking with golden eyes Paris 2024, after success in Tokyo Olympics

MASTKD talked in exclusive with three of the key pillars of the success in recent Olympics, President Angelo Cito, Head Coach Claudio Nolano and Olympic Champion Vito Dell’Aquila.

Italia is looking with golden eyes Paris 2024, after success in Tokyo Olympics

After the success of the recent Tokyo Olympics, Italian Taekwondo Federation is already working on the path for the next Olympic Cycle, in order to keep and improve the results they have been having, through the last years.

“Since the reorganization of FITA that came starting with the Technical Director, after Rio Olympics, and a full new generation of young athletes, even after the medal won in London, we adjusted a mindset for them, to remind them that, they must create their own way, not to emulate someone else. And from there we created a clear path for them in order to explode their potential”, said Olympic Head Coach, Claudio Nolano to

“For the next Olympic cycle, I am considerably positive, because the tsunami effect of the results of these five years, culminating in the gold medal of Vito, show the right way taken by the staff in all its departments, well managed and organized to face the most difficult and important challenges of our sport, including the next Olympics in Paris”, stated Nolano.

Italia is looking with golden eyes Paris 2024, after success in Tokyo Olympics

On the other hand, Olympic Champion Vito Dell’Aquila emphasized on the importance of bring everything together to acomplish one goal “The work done by Fita and technical staff was amazing. It helped me a lot, so it was really important. I was so motivated too because of many reasons. Carlo’s gold in London helped me too much. I was thinking that one athlete, before me, did this so I was more relaxed because I wouldn’t be the first. I felt no pressure and I was mentally balanced”.

Motivation persists intact

Vito’s plan is to revalidate his title in Paris 2024. “I want to win in Paris 2024. I love village’s atmosphere and multi sports games, so I really want to get another medal. But before this, I have to qualify. I want to win big competitions like Grand Prix or World Championships because in my opinion, they are as important as Olympics”.

Italia is looking with golden eyes Paris 2024, after success in Tokyo Olympics

Breaking paradigms to achieve success

“It is said that without setting a goal, you cannot achieve anything, but in my case, I would like to contradict this belief, as an athlete I couldn’t be world champion or Olympic champion and yet I did everything to get there; But I failed. Maybe my limits didn’t allow me, and if I had listened to what my head considers feasible probably as a Coach, I would not have aimed so high as we arrived. So, by not planning a goal I probably will not put limits to the desire to get to the top; of course, there is no better result than to be Olympic champion; Indeed, there is! It’s to be a multiple Olympic champion!”, finalized Olympic Coach Nolano.

Italia is looking with golden eyes Paris 2024, after success in Tokyo Olympics

The president views

“The success of having 3 athletes at the Olympics / Paralympics in Tokyo and a gold medal, speaks of the hard work of over 5 years of Olympic cycle.

There are no secrets, there is only a constant work on different levels, we missed the qualification for Rio and we had to first of all, examine the reasons then fix, so I did! First of all I renewed the technical staff, replacing those who did not satisfied me and those who did not have a clear idea of the goal to be achieved. Often people forget that they are part of a complex system and that they are only a part of the mechanism. In Sport, as in other complex systems, the results are the merit of many and not of single individuals, these subjects, the moment they are identified, must be eliminated for the good of the system and of the Athletes, and so I did! Then I trusted those who shared with me the goals to be achieved and we started to work hard!”, said Mr. Angelo Cito.

Italia is looking with golden eyes Paris 2024, after success in Tokyo Olympics

Vision to Paris 2024 as FITA president and WT Council member

“Paris is close, we must be able to start working immediately, changing what did not work as we wanted and renewing ourselves, as FITA I will give a further review to the technical structure with the inclusion of new figures that will help to expand the growth of the movement and the creation of new talent, not only on a purely technical but also managerial level. As WT, will give full support to the president Choue with who I share the strategic vision of development of TKD both on the Olympic and humanitarian level, we must continue to improve in innovation and technology by making the electronic system of detection of points more and more effective and if necessary make changes on the regulatory level making Taekwondo more and more a dynamic and spectacular sport, we have all the skills to do it”, finalized Cito.


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