Candidates announced for 2021 World Taekwondo elections

The World Taekwondo Election Committee today announced the list of the eligible candidates running for election at the virtual election on 11 October.

Iván Dibós afianza dos años más en el COI
Ivan Dibos muestra las papeletas de las elecciones de WT en la Asamblea General de Muju 2017. Foto: Esteban Mora/MASTKD

Incumbent President Chungwon Choue is the sole candidate standing as President. A total of 40 candidates, representing all five continents, are standing for the 17 available Council member positions and 2 candidates are standing for the one Auditor position.

This includes 11 female candidates, which is a significant increase on the number of female candidates who ran at the last elections and reflects the federation’s ongoing commitment to increasing women’s representation in the sport.

The full list of eligible candidates can be found here.

The election will be conducted using the industry-leading Lumi system, which has been reliably used by the IOC, ASOIF and many other International Federations over the last year and a half.

In order to reflect the global diversity of taekwondo, the Council members shall be elected according to the following distribution:

• Four (4) shall be elected from Asia

• Four (4) shall be elected from Europe

• Four (4) shall be elected from Pan America

• Three (3) shall be elected from Africa

• Two (2) shall be elected from Oceania

Among these members, at least one female member per Continental Union must be elected. The female candidate who receives the highest vote shall be elevated to Vice President.

The World Taekwondo Election Committee is comprised of the following members:

• Chair – Ms Aicha Garad Ali, Vice President of World Taekwondo

and IOC Member

• Member – Mr. Jean-Marie Ayer, Chair, Member Relations

and Development Commission of World Taekwondo

• Mr. Jungheon Kim, Chair, Poomsae Committee of World Taekwondo


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