KPNP has laid a foothold for collaboration with high-tech companies in Korea. By adding Korea’s leading cutting-edge technology to KPNP’s core technology, PSS and competition related IT products are expected to grow rapidly.

KPNP Co., Ltd. (KPNP, CEO In Soo Lee), the only Protect Scoring System (PSS) manufacturer in the birthplace Korea, was named as the ‘2021 Hi Seoul Certified Company (Excellent Company in Seoul)’ selected by the Korean government.

The Korean government selects certified companies every year based on indicators such as sales scale, number of employees, financial soundness, and development potential through document evaluation, presentation evaluation, and on-site due diligence. The certified companies will receive support such as overseas investment attraction in cooperation with professional private global organizations, consulting, export support, business service matching between Hi Seoul certified companies, corporate forums, and collaboration programs between companies.

KPNP laid a foundation for technology exchange with major high-tech industrial companies

Composed of excellent companies, this network is well known for exchanging key technologies in different fields and creating great synergies through organic cooperation.

KPNP plans to achieve technological innovation by incorporating the network’s various cutting-edge technologies into the fields of taekwondo and sports.

KPNP, which has been contributing to the development of Taekwondo for over 15 years through the development of various Taekwondo supplies including PSS and comprehensive solutions for game operation, is the most well-known as a manufacturer of Taekwondo PSS.

By continuously studying and developing PSS and the comprehensive competition operation system, which were launched in 2007, KPNP has the world’s best technology in the field, and is constantly developing and producing various products including uniforms, clothes, and protective gear.

KPNP laid a foundation for technology exchange with major high-tech industrial companies

Having grown by expanding its business fields into the total competition management system and various competition supplies in this manner, KPNP is growing as a global sports IT leader while expanding its business from last year by developing ‘Smart Electronic Judgment System’, an ‘online platform’ to solve non-face-to-face competition registration, scoring, game watching, media linkage, and analysis of result data at once.

The focus is now on what kind of technological innovation KPNP, which has already established exclusive technology and global Taekwondo worldwide network, will show through the network of excellent companies.