Taking advantage of the situation, and pretty well organized, the past October 24th, Caribbean region hosted an online referee course with the goal of refreshing the knowledge and keep active through this kind of initiatives to that important part of the continent.

This course was conducted by Haiti Taekwondo Federation President Mr. Frenel Ostin, who is also International Kyorugi and Poomsae Referee.

“Covid-19 gave us the opportunity for all of us in the Caribbean to be together online. Taekwondo is a Gift from Korea to the world. We at the Caribbean region are part of that gift. It was amazing to see the support from 17 countries that showed up for the seminar First Caribbean Taekwondo Beginner Referee Course. We had 82 registered participants. I am extremely happy to see the Caribbean coming together. Yes, Covid-19 is a world crisis but an opportunity to grow from another perspective”, said in exclusive, Mr. Ostin.

First Caribbean Online Referee Course successfully completed

The topics for the seminar were the following

• Who should take referee seminars
• WT referee education program
• Competition rules
• Foundations of refereeing
• Quality of a good referee
• Application of the competition rules
• Competition Area
• Contestants
• Weight Division
• Classification and methods of competition
• Duration of contest
• Drawing of lots
• Weight in
• Procedures of the contest
• Permitted techniques and area
• Valid Points
• Scoring and Publications
• Prohibited acts and penalties
• Gold points and decision of superiority
• Decision
• Knock Down
• Procedures in the event of a knock down
• Procedures of suspending the match
• Technical officials
• Instant video replay
• Suspension
• Other matters not specified in the competition rules
• Referee Terminology

During the 3-hour seminar, participants had to practice the hand signals, and had the chance for question and answer session, in order to clarify all the doubts they could had about the presentation.

This kind of activities unites the people and make the grow faster not only to the Caribbean region, but for the continent entirely, so later competitiveness, as soon as events face to face start again, will make improve the level of the athletes.

With information of Lianne Nicole Muller.