The past Tuesday, MASTKD was invited to participate in the meeting where part of the WTPA Executive Council presented the technical committees to the new acting president to inform about the progress they have made in different areas.


Dr. Helder Navarro, new head of the WTPA, after the resignation of Ji Ho Choi, joined the meeting together with the Secretary General, Rick Shin from the United States, the Auditor, Raúl Pinzón from Colombia and the Executive Director, Juan Manuel López from Mexico.

“We have a big responsibility, that working as a team, and committed in every area that concerns each one of us, we will be able to fulfill the goal of the organization, which is mainly to provide the best tools for a good development of Taekwondo at every level of the Pan-American region ”, Navarro said.

Technical representatives included Myung Chan Kim (USA), Younggi Jeon (PER), Chuong Pham (USA), Barabara Marian (CAN), Suk Jung Kim (USA), Nubia Segundo Flores (MEX), Neydis Tavarez (PUR) , Marcelo Rezende (BRA), Raymond Hsu (USA), Daniel Park (CAN), Dennis Berdugo (NIC), Axel Sanchez (PUR), Luis Mendoza (BRA) Sandra Peña (COL), Jorge Reynoso (MEX), Angela DeOliveira (USA), Caroline Inay-Park (USA), Philippe Pinerd (PER), Juan Moreno (USA), Fernando Akilian (ARG).

Presidente interino se reunió con encargados de comités de WTPA

During the meeting, the committee chairs shared the status of their areas, the situation they are facing and the plans that are currently being planned out, looking for the strengthening the development of the Pan American Taekwondo family, as well as the ratification of the commitment of those in charge of each committee to carry forward the work of acting as a channel to cope with the current situation and not stop the evolution of Taekwondo through different strategies that will be implemented.

“This kind of meetings makes us ratify our commitment as a team during this transition period, and that through these strategies that we draw, we can even contribute to the continuity of subsequent development. I appreciate the dedication of each one of you and I reiterate my commitment to work hard for the benefit of our beloved Pan American region”, concluded the Interim President of the WTPA.