World Taekwondo hosts Annual Taekwondo Medicine Online Seminar

The 3rd World Taekwondo Annual Taekwondo Medicine Online Seminar was held on March 21 with 55 participants from 30 countries taking part in the meeting.

World Taekwondo hosts Annual Taekwondo Medicine Online Seminar

Speakers from the World Taekwondo Medical Committee were joined by expert guest speakers who delivered reports on a number of key medical topics pertinent to taekwondo.

Key reports included a medical report from the 2019 World Taekwondo Championships, information on the World Taekwondo Injury and Illness Surveillance and Prevention Program and presentations on oral health; hand, wrist and knee injuries in Taekwondo athletes; common medical issues in Para Taekwondo athletes; and anti-doping and safeguarding.

The World Taekwondo Medical Committee was represented by:

  • Dae Hyoun Jeong
  • Frank Duren
  • Nambi Ramamoorthy
  • Christina Allen
  • Halim Jebali

While Guest Speakers included:

  • David Michael O’Sullivan PhD, Hee Seong Jeong PhD (IOC Research Centre Korea)
  • Prof. Ian Needleman FDI (World Dental Federation) a member of Sports Dentistry Expert Group
  • George Pujalte Sports Medicine Specialist Mayo Clinic
  • Phil Sharma-Woodland, GB Taekwondo Performance Nutritionist
  • Mindy Siegel MD USTKD


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