Video de la Copa del Mundo por Equipos, día 2

México - 2014/12/07 - Retransmisión de todos los combates del “2014 WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships”, Querétaro 2014, del segundo día de competencia, Semifinales y Finales.




Laura López Rodríguez, Exclusivo MasTKD
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y como fue el problema con el sistema daedo porque en la final , fueron los jueces los que marcaron los puntos o no?

Well i saw 2 very strange things happening in this grand Prix. In one situation the two fighter collided their heads against each other and it resulted in 3 points. In the other case, on 57kg female Japan x Egypt, on the 3rd place dispute match 3 points came out from nowhere… I know DAEDO and I’m sure this is not usual, but there were clearly technical issues.